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Great Coffee ~ Fair Price

our story

our story

It all starts at our farms.

The art of taste begins with caring for the land. Our signature coffee is Conquista grown in the southern highland areas of the state of Bahia, Brazil. Low impact farming has always been a priority for our family. Our coffee is grown using drip-irrigation technology developed at Colorado State University, with water from rivers that run through our farms. Large areas of timber have been left untouched to protect wildlife and preserve the microclimate of the region. The high altitude and annual rainfall in this location provide growing conditions favorable to fine coffee. To insure the highest quality roasts, we hand pick exclusive crops exported to Café Richesse. It's simple. Our farms. Our coffee.

Our Farms


Social Responsibility

At Café Richesse, we have strong local ties and value the relationships built here. We are proud to say that Fort Collins, CO has been our home since 1993 and are truly Colorado Proud. We look forward to serving our community and love participating in our local farmer's markets year-round.


Where to Find Us

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Roasting Location + retail store

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1713 E. Linclon Ave., Unit A3

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm

Friday 9am-noon

Mailing Address

1281 E. Magnolia St., Unit D

Box 247

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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