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Our Commitment

Café Richesse proudly serves wholesale coffee to its home in the Front Range and around the country. Our desire is to partner with restaurants, coffee shops, office, hotels and other business to meet the individual needs of each partner. We work diligently to achieve the desired flavor profile based on their vision (light to dark) through partnership and teaching. If the goal is a solid house blend or something unique, we won’t stop until it’s perfect right down to how the coffee is packaged.

Custom Packaging

We offer an array of packaging options to best fit your needs based on your business.

+ 12 o.z. “retail” bags

Perfect for resale or “home use.” These bags have resealable strips that allow coffee to remain fresh over many re-openings. A one-way valve allows off-gassing and ensures no comprised air in.

+ 16 o.z. (1 lb.) bag

Just like our 12 o.z. bags, but bigger. Features a one-way, off-gassing valve.

+ 2 lb. bag

A great in-between bag. Perfect for ordering multiple roasts, expanding flavor profiles, or smaller business to ensure freshness between each bag opening. Features a one-way, off-gassing valve.

+ 5 lb. bag

Our highest volume bag. Most restaurants, coffee shops, and specialty shops receive their orders in 5 lb. bags. They are sturdy and efficient in keeping coffee fresh. Features a one-way, off-gassing valve.

+ portion packs

We package regular and decaf coffee that is pre-measured to ensure ease and consistency of brewing without the extra step of grinding the beans. "Pre-ground" no longer means lack of freshness.

We can't wait to hear your ideas and to see how we can make your vision a reality!

Thanks! You'll hear from us soon!

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